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texan every year and a always add the letter, to whom it may concern, here are my taxes. i want you to know, i haven't the vaguest idea if they are accurate. [laughter] i said, i went to college, you know, i've got average intelligence, and my wife went to college and she won't even read them because she knows she doesn't understand them. and i just want you to know that that's the case and i paid money to an account and hills become and i hope they are right. if you have a question, just give us a call last night -- [laughter] can you imagine this country with a lousy tax system like that? it's inexcusable. how many people here understand your taxes? let's see. i don't see many hands going up. but i wrote the chapter because i felt that i was in business and i know that a businessman has, in a large company, has shareholders, customers and employees to their shareholders, customers and employs are all across the spectrum in political views and ideas in parties. and, therefore, business people are very reluctant to challenge the government, to criticize a government. they don't want
head. this is our house or generations. we pay our taxes. that's not happening. someone opened the gate. who's back there, marty asked. it turned out to be easy and. she didn't the flowers and this afternoon was pulling a red wagon with gardening supplies. i do it as much as i can she said. marty said the house had been in a summit for 50 years. 64 years. you've got to analyze this, marty said. these are some rough times we're living in. most of our jobs went overseas. you lived on the block's entire life watching the neighbor disappear around him. the barbershops, bars, ice cream parlors all gone. this neighborhood used to be straight, he said. he squinted at the thicket of trees across the street. you get used to it. it's quiet. i like the serenity of my environment. to me, all this is a big plasma screen. you just have to be strong and keep god with you. what does the bible say? you are in this world but not -- way. i said i thought it was all this world but not in it. he nodded, right, right. later i realized i screwed up the quote. of course, we are all in it. [applause] >> and jus
for an increase of taxes it is a step in the right direction to make this place work. >> i will just add we are such a plan the schaede century other countries look to us we have lost the sense of going to a correctional facility and it should make people more inclined to of war criminal acts but i go to visit imprisoned maybe every six weeks now the general population of dr. death row but put these beautiful mostly men of color is tragic when you read about the school to prison pipelined punishes children for acting out handcuffed, arrested and it changes their lives and how to read it to this point? so we see options cut off for younger children. a society that seems to have lost the common sense. along with the prospect of national identification and program that frightens me but we can fight that. >> just to talk is that it was published by a city life books. [applause] i worked as a the lights books for three years but i love the idea of community resistance that city lights books the word on since 1955 is more powerful the institution we have this great book and i was so thrilled to f
be willing to move? he shook his head this is our house we pay our taxes. that isn't happening. summit opened the gate to his back there? there also lived in the family home she attended the flowers and was pulling a wagon of garden supplies. i do this much as i can 64 years with another bought the house when i was three months old. these are some rough times. most of our jobs went overseas. i have never seen in the economy like best the barbershops ice-cream parlors are all gone this neighborhood used to be straight looking at a thicket of trees you get used to it and like the serenity of my environment we just have to be strong and keep god with you. you're in this world but wait of this world but not in it. then i realized i screwed up the''. of course, we're all in it. [applause] >> just to frame it i think one of the things to talk about is the idea of the frontier that he troy has reverted to it is the real deal with its beginning. jeff? >> boston is because of one the and that is featured prominently in the book and this story is lamar's first contact with the area a story about what s
sector because further south the ground was not very favorable for a tax. and in a place like that those mountains, they had little attacks. but not until 1916 did you get bigger action further south than the germans made this terrific bush. >> any more questions? >> i think we can manage to buy three more anyway. yes. >> go through belgium. >> i personally argued in my book that it was a fantasist a lot of germans went on arguing after the war that if only yet executed the plan properly which involved a huge sweep around, then it could have won. but the big problem there were primitive motor cars, but these armies have to march on their feet and under whose of their horses. and taken 400 miles across ground. these men, it was a fantastic, beyond the mean. of course lost control of the army's so that by september it was taken 20 hours to find out where some of these forces at got to. and i think the german you right up into the 1930's and after was that it was only a loss of nerve that caused the concept, as i call it in the book. the plan was never detailed. but i think this idea that i
. this is perfectly adapted to the environment. but now meeting a very tax savvy population then they have access to use tools to make it taken the backyard. something not in afghanistan but to look get the urbanize savvy population and final example in the u.s. states of georgia may 2011 a 15 year-old ninth great kid looked at the libyans and thought they don't know how to use of weapons systems of the crowd sourced in 48 hours a diving gold medal to teach the libyans how to use the weapons they were capturing he got this from soviet websites and his friends in those to speak arabic. today that is a major document used across syria with a fighting because neither word gun cultures you deal with people that came up in a gun culture sir buddy knows how to fire a weapon. what i sat with the nafta and travel editor i ask where the ied techniques came from he told his 50 year-old they make me one. they just no hope but -- they just know how but syria or libya did not have that background banal a kid in united states in 48 hours can pull together a middle that is now the dominant document that people
the bill you know i grew genuinely preoccupied with the dangers of bear at tax when hiking in the eastern woods. berries in the eastern united states don't attack very often but with respect to any individual italy has to happen once. i tried most genuinely a little concerned about the dangers and gratified to discover after the book came out that lots and lots of people all over north america share these concerns because i got letters from people on how to avoid bear attacks when hiking and the basic advice used to be go hiking with someone who can't run as fast as you can. there was one letter i got from a lady in new hampshire that pleased me and she told me when you are hiking out west in grizzly bear country and grizzly bears are very dangerous creatures, you should do wherever you go, first of all you should wear a little belt on your clothing because this alerts the bury your coming and you don't take them by surprise and a second thing they tell you you should do everywhere you go is look out on the ground in front of you for grizzly bear dunk and the way you can recognize it is i
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7